What Can I Do With a WGS Degree?

A Women's and Gender Studies degree is very flexible. Like majors in other Social Sciences and Humanities, the Women's and Gender Studies major does not prepare students for one job, but for many different kinds of employment. Women's and Gender Studies courses train students in critical thinking skills, social science research methods and writing. Coursework provides knowledge about the interplay of gender, race, class and sexuality in the United States and globally. The required internship program allows students the opportunity to evaluate possible careers and also provides employment experiences which help graduates find employment. A major in Women's and Gender Studies, with its combination of cross-disciplinary, analytic and practical skills, prepares a well-rounded graduate and equips them with the tools to adapt to a world of rapidly changing work and family structures.

Women's and Gender Studies prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities and for professional and graduate education in a number of fields. The required internship, and the ability to integrate a minor into the major or facilitate a double major, permits students to build their academic credentials and acquire career-specific skills and expertise. The following are jobs and graduate work of a few recent graduates from our Department.

Sample Employment of Alumni with the B.A. degree

  • Domestic Violence Prevention Educator, Project Sanctuary, Ukiah
  • Experiential Education Facilitator, Princeton University
  • YWCA Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services Program, Santa Rosa
  • Director of the Eating Disorder Forum and Task Force, Petaluma Health Care District
  • Events Coordinator, Stanford University
  • Youth Ministry Coordinator, Sebastopol Community Church
  • Advocate, Sonoma County Victim Assistance
  • Prevention Education Coordinator, United Against Sexual Assault of Sonoma County
  • Peer Educator, New Visions Youth Treatment Program, Rhode Island
  • Graduate Administrative Coordinator, Psychology Master's Programs SSU

Graduate and Professional Education

Ph.D. Programs:

  • California School of Professional Psychology
  • History, UC Irvine
  • Sociology, UC Santa Cruz
  • American Studies, University of New Mexico

MA Programs:

  • Public Policy, Claremont Graduate School
  • American Studies, CSU Fullerton
  • Prescott College, Arizona
  • English, SSU
  • Counseling, Dominican University

Teaching Credential Programs:

  • SSU
  • San Jose State University
  • Dominican

J.D. Programs:

  • Hastings Law School, San Francisco